“I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with Erin on a number of projects as the cinematographer. Erin is one of the most astute and creative directors I’ve ever worked with. She has a strong point of view and has directed a diverse portfolio of projects, each with a unique tone, style, and color palette.  

She also brings her command of story – structure, character, arcs – to every part of the filmmaking process. She has a truly collaborative attitude with her team and helps to structure and create teams that work well together and in harmony. I’ve seen it for myself time and time again — Erin quite simply brings out the best in people! Erin is a true talent and I look forward to working with her again in the years to come.”

Kristin Fieldhouse, Director of Photography – HBO’s forthcoming RUN, from Phoebe Waller-Bridge

“I truly believe Erin is the future of television directing all rolled up into one package! She’s talented, ambitious, hardworking, and is fun to work with…I would hire her to direct an episode in a heartbeat. Erin stood out from the crowd with her creative shot ideas, blocking plans, enthusiasm, and work ethic.

Erin’s audacious directorial vision is apparent from her stunning work. I’ve already decided to hire her to direct an episode (or more!) of my own show when it gets greenlit.”

– James Bamford, Producer / Director – The CW’s ARROW, Seasons 6-8

“Erin lets the actors play and gives them the feeling of safety and free range while simultaneously gently guiding them. Erin is very specific, and knows exactly what she wants to deliver her artistic vision. At the same time, Erin works quickly and really well and calm under pressure, which oftentimes is needed for TV. It was a fantastic work partnership and the greatest joy to work with her, artistically and also as a person.”


“Having worked as an actress with Erin, I can say that a drive for excellence is in her blood. She is a passionate and committed director. On set, Erin is fearless, determined, and never backs down from challenges. Erin effortlessly won over the support of her cast and crew. That mutual respect, faith, and belief was amazing to witness. 

Erin is firm about her vision and will always find inventive ways to achieve it. At the same time, she is always open to new suggestions and ideas. I have no doubt that she will continue to do the same.”

– Elizabeth Sung, Late Actress with 75+ TV credits (DISJOINTED, CRIMINAL MINDS)

“As a designer, working with Erin is a dream. She has a clear directorial vision as well as a producer’s eye and flexibility to execute filming in an efficient and cost-effective way. Erin is also a clear and effective communicator, able to navigate many personalities and hold her own while leading a large team of creatives to create something beautiful.

Since our working relationship began, I have become an 892 Costume Designer and have had the opportunity to work with a myriad of directors. Erin has continued to stand out in my mind as a director who has the passion, drive, technical skills, and creativity to succeed in the television industry, and who can bring positive energy to set on a daily basis. As a woman of color, she also brings a fresh eye and perspective to the storytelling we so desperately need to be seeing on television.”

– Elena Flores, Costume Designer, CDG 892

“As a Producer of hundreds of commercials over a long career, I instantly noticed Ms. Li’s innate directing talent, vision, and creativity. Ms. Li is equally talented at directing actors as she is with the technical aspects of directing. Ms. Li is also a leader who listens and understands how to collaborate with production companies, clients, and agencies.”

Nancy Kissock, Producer (Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Goodby Silverstein, THE GIRLS IN THE BAND)

“We couldn’t be happier with the end product. I was very impressed with Erin’s direction, creative vision, attention to detail and meticulousness at every stage of the process. She played an integral part of casting and chose the perfect actress and model to represent L’Oeuf Poché. During filming, Erin noticed things I wouldn’t have thought would make a difference, but seeing the final result, I realized her perfectionism is what created a beautiful and flawless fashion campaign.

Erin also kept a great attitude even though we incurred heavy rain on the second day of our shoot. We had to shoot outside on a tennis court, but this unforeseen event did not slow her down and she actually worked the rain into the storyline as a positive message. I experienced first-hand Erin’s creativity and ability to think on her feet. She is a passionate, committed director, and any client and agency would be lucky to have her!”

– Ami Hongo, Owner and Fashion Designer, L’Oeuf Poché