To the Bone Featured on Upworthy

To the Bone is featured on Upworthy, garnering more than 360K views to date and shining a light on child migrant farm workers.

This is What Being a Vimeo Staff Pick Does For Your Film

Thank you, Vimeo, for helping To the Bone be seen ’round the world!

To the Bone: A Vimeo Staff Pick

To The Bone was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick today! As a huge fan of Vimeo and its community, this is kind of a big deal.

To The Bone is a Critic’s Pick – Cinema Without Borders

Erin Li ‘s immigration family drama TO THE BONE is a Critic’s Pick.

Watch TO THE BONE (Slamdance ’13, LAFF ’12)

Catch it while you can.

Film Threat: To the Bone Review

“To The Bone is a tale of innocent rebellion, albeit one with severe consequences…The film could’ve gone bleak and sad and ended there, but it also makes a statement about family and sticking together no matter what.”

Slamdance Film Review: To The Bone

“With staunch, dedicated performances…and beautifully-shot scenes that tell much more than eight minutes worth of a story, To The Bone is definitely not a film to miss.”

Sundance Film Festival 2013 Recap: Directors to Watch

“Beautifully crafted…an exquisitely-executed, tragic tale of the sacrifices that such families endure in order to survive.”

To the Bone: Programmers Pick at LAAPFF

CHRISTILILY CHIV Recommends… TO THE BONE by Erin Li Erin Li’s latest brings light to a very real situation of immigration. An L.A. native serving her seventh year curating for the Film Festival, CHRISTILILY CHIV has a degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of California at Riverside. Her passions are working with youth, advocating expression through visual and performing arts, EATING, traveling, exploring, creating relationships, and making people smile and laugh.  Full article here.