Killer Films Curates Film for Refinery 29’s NY Fashion Week Installation

Killer Films curated a film directed by yours truly for Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms art and fashion funhouse for New York Fashion Week.

L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL Q&A with Elizabeth Sung / 孫芳

L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL wins the Bronze Panther Award at Busan West! Plus: Elizabeth Sung takes on the Proust Questionnaire.

L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL Q&A with Michelle Krusiec / 楊雅慧

Read about the TV shows I was allowed to watch in junior high. Also, Michelle Krusiec takes on the Proust questionnaire for L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL, which screens at Busan West this weekend.

Free Download of L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL

To thank y’all for your support over the last several years throughout my career transition and to celebrate my recent first screening of To the Bone at the Los Angeles Film Festival, I’m giving away free downloads of L.A. Coffin School.

The Huffington Post reviews L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL

The Huffington Post, “What impressed me about Li’s film was not just how much she was able to communicate in such a short period of time, but how beautifully many shots were framed.”

L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL Q&A with Megan Lee / 李慧潾

Megan’s work ethic, enthusiasm and positive attitude are inspiring. She is currently in South Korea filming on the most recent season of MBC Star Audition, a show similar to American Idol.

Taiwanese American: Erin Li Brings Filmmaking and Storytelling to Life

“L.A. Coffin School…had the rare honor of being selected as one of the ten films sponsored by a Visual Communications ‘Armed With A Camera’ Fellowship for Emerging Media Artists.”