Bryce Dallas Howard: Women Creators Taking Charge of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Free the Work and Bryce Dallas Howard curated a playlist of sci-fi directors.

Mary Shelley Award

“The jury is unanimous. We award the Mary Shelley prize to Erin Li for her original vision, rigorous world-building, and creative storytelling in her impressive short film, Kepler X-47. We look forward to seeing Erin grow as a bold new voice in the SciFi genre.”

Next Stop…SITGES!

Kepler X-47 is an official selection of SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya in Spain.

Dual Pixels on Kepler X-47: A Short Film with a Lasting Impression

“The film is intensely perfect at relating its world to ours in real life. The vast majority of us sit at a desk and lazily hammer on a keyboard at the intense eye of our bosses, and we are released only when the clock strikes a certain hour.”

Sploid: Living in a human zoo on an alien planet is as crazy as it sounds

Sploid recognizes Kepler X-47 for its great storytelling and awesome eye candy.

‪#‎TheHumanZoo‬ takes over ‪#‎ComicCon‬

Kepler X-47‬ takes over ‪‎Comic Con‬’s film fest.

SciFiNow Magazine Features Kepler X-47

“stunning…combines an intriguing premise with beautiful visuals…you’re definitely going to want to catch it.” – SciFiNow

Li Featured on Cover of SHOOT Magazine

Li earned inclusion into SHOOT’s Showcase for directing Kepler X-47, her dystopian science fiction short film.

Kepler X-47 Premieres in London at BFI

Kepler X-47 premieres in Europe at BFI as part of Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

Named A Director to Watch in SHOOT’s New Director Showcase

Li has been recognized as an up-and-coming helmer to watch in SHOOT’s worldwide search for the next generation of film and commercial directors.