“To The Bone is a tale of innocent rebellion, albeit one with severe consequences…The film could’ve gone bleak and sad and ended there, but it also makes a statement about family and sticking together no matter what.”

“With staunch, dedicated performances…and beautifully-shot scenes that tell much more than eight minutes worth of a story, To The Bone is definitely not a film to miss.”

“Beautifully crafted…an exquisitely-executed, tragic tale of the sacrifices that such families endure in order to survive.”

CHRISTILILY CHIV Recommends… TO THE BONE by Erin Li Erin Li’s latest brings light to a very real situation of immigration. An L.A. native serving her seventh year curating for the Film Festival, CHRISTILILY CHIV has a degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of California at Riverside. Her passions are working with youth, advocating expression through visual and performing arts, EATING, traveling, exploring, creating relationships, and making people smile and laugh.  Full article here.

To The Bone captures the guilt of a father whose children must work to help him provide for them, the exhaustion and frustration of a preteen girl whose thrust into adulthood before her time and the innocence of an 8-year-old who is protective and sensitive to a sister who is more like his mother.

Joining the new frontier of DIY distributors, independent filmmaker Erin Li releases her short film, TO THE BONE, today through Topspin Media, a leading-edge provider of digital direct-to-fan marketing.

*Spoilers* In a new short entitled To The Bone, director Erin Li and her co-writer, Silka Luisa, look at a family of migrant workers in the fields. Jaime Alvarez portrays an undocumented father who is picking vegetables as his two young children attempt to help. When eight-year-old Marcos (Carlos C. Torres) cuts his hand, his ten-year-old sister Valencia (Naomie Feliu) helps him to bandage the wound. But when a car pulls up, word quickly spreads to move to the back […]

“To The Bone featured two young children, a brother and sister, working alongside their father on a farm…”

“Talk Score To Me: sponsored by ASCAP, will bring together Film Independent’s Project Involve Fellows for a screening and discussion about the collaboration between directors and composers.”

The Huffington Post, “What impressed me about Li’s film was not just how much she was able to communicate in such a short period of time, but how beautifully many shots were framed.”