Joining the new frontier of DIY distributors, independent filmmaker Erin Li releases her short film, TO THE BONE, today through Topspin Media, a leading-edge provider of digital direct-to-fan marketing.

*Spoilers* In a new short entitled To The Bone, director Erin Li and her co-writer, Silka Luisa, look at a family of migrant workers in the fields. Jaime Alvarez portrays an undocumented father who is picking vegetables as his two young children attempt to help. When eight-year-old Marcos (Carlos C. Torres) cuts his hand, his ten-year-old sister Valencia (Naomie Feliu) helps him to bandage the wound. But when a car pulls up, word quickly spreads to move to the back […]

“To The Bone featured two young children, a brother and sister, working alongside their father on a farm…”

“Talk Score To Me: sponsored by ASCAP, will bring together Film Independent’s Project Involve Fellows for a screening and discussion about the collaboration between directors and composers.”

The Huffington Post, “What impressed me about Li’s film was not just how much she was able to communicate in such a short period of time, but how beautifully many shots were framed.”

L.A. Coffin School is broadcast on Mnet’s program, Short Notice, Episode 206. Mnet is the #1 trending cable network for Asian pop culture entertainment in the US.

“Film Independent has selected 30 filmmakers for the 2012 edition of its Project Involve, a program supporting helmers, producers…Stephanie Allain, Dee Rees and Nekisa Cooper will be guest speakers…”

“L.A. Coffin School…had the rare honor of being selected as one of the ten films sponsored by a Visual Communications ‘Armed With A Camera’ Fellowship for Emerging Media Artists.”