Premiere on Free the Work


I don’t think there’s a more fitting platform than Free the Work to premiere The Beginning and the End of Everything, since Alma Har’el, director and founder of the platform, was the one who referred me to Boaz.

Excerpt: “For example, Aviva’s character directs a movie within the movie. I thought it would be great if her film was actually directed by a woman who has a different style and feel from the rest of the movie. I asked Alma Har’el if she had any recommendations and she brought Erin Li to my attention as a director she knew through Free the Work. I explained the elements that I was hoping Erin would capture and then Erin went off and shot her own concept and interpretation of that with her team. It turned out beautifully. It has its own personality and style and still fits perfectly into the movie. We were only able to use about 30 seconds of it, as intended, but people can watch the full four-minute piece on Erin’s FREE THE WORK profile, titled, “The Beginning and The End of Everything.”

Here’s the lovely article, written by Sam Mallari.

You can check out the short on Vimeo. The feature opens nationwide this weekend!