Kepler X-47 Premieres in London at BFI


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I watched many films at BFI when not studying at The London School of Economics and Political Science. That’s why I’m doubly excited to screen Kepler X-47 at BFI in May and June as part of Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

From Sci-Fi London: “Some science fiction ideas just don’t work as feature-length films, but in short form they make for compelling stories and great cinematic experiences. We’ve gathered together a mix of fantastic international short films that offer everything from the fun and frivolous to the deep and meaningful.

Sci-Fi London enjoys an unrivalled reputation as a launch pad for science fiction and ‘fantastic’ film, and provides industry events…Always keen to challenge stereotypes and push the definition of ‘sci-fi,’ the festival team believe people are as interested in ideas as in spaceships or CGI, and have hand-picked a selection of the world’s finest sci-fi features, documentaries and shorts to prove it.” More info here.