Huffington Post Reviews To the Bone


*Spoilers* In a new short entitled To The Bone, director Erin Li and her co-writer, Silka Luisa, look at a family of migrant workers in the fields. Jaime Alvarez portrays an undocumented father who is picking vegetables as his two young children attempt to help. When eight-year-old Marcos (Carlos C. Torres) cuts his hand, his ten-year-old sister Valencia (Naomie Feliu) helps him to bandage the wound. But when a car pulls up, word quickly spreads to move to the back of the field. A government inspector (Maria-Elena Laas) has arrived to check on the workers’ conditions and see if they’re receiving enough water during the day. The father quickly reminds his children not to answer any questions and stresses that if anyone asks their age, they should say they are 12 years old. But the inspector turns out to be a beautiful young woman who starts talking about the games her son likes to play on his XBox. After she’s spent a few minutes chatting up the children in order to put them at ease, she asks how old they are. When Valencia defies her father, and confesses their real ages, the jig is up. Only as they as they are walking home (after her father has lost his job) does Valencia begin to understand the unfortunate chain of events triggered by her honesty. At that point, tears begin to flow. – by George Heymont

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