The Huffington Post reviews L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL


The Huffington Post’s George Heymont, San Francisco-based art critic, reviewed L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Heymont’s review, “All Things Being Relative”:

“Two years ago I came across a news article about the Coffin Academy, a business catering to South Koreans that had become quite popular. For $25, customers were taken through an exercise in which they wrote farewell letters to their loved ones as well as epitaphs for their tombstones. Not only did they get to try out a coffin to make sure it was a good fit, the coffin was nailed shut while they spent 10 minutes inside it, meditating on their past, present, and future.

Filmmaker Erin Li’s five-minute short, L.A. Coffin School, provides a curious backstory for the experience. After being kicked out of her son’s home, a famous painter enrolls in a coffin school that helps people appreciate the lives they have led while finding the strength (if so desired) to start all over again.”

What impressed me about Li’s film was not just how much she was able to communicate in such a short period of time, but how beautifully many shots were framed. In the following video clip Li and one of her actors, Angela Ai, discuss some of the challenges of capturing a tiny part of the Asian American experience and making it visible to a wider audience.”

Full review here.