#StopAsianHate Commercial

6.8 million views and counting. Really proud of this one. Directing this spot helped me channel some of my frustration and anger at social injustice. Meeting and working with OG @emily.kuroda was a gift. I was also in a position to hire department heads and crew, and brought on talented WOC, POC. Thank you Kelly and Rebecca at @harborpictureco, Jeremy and team at @publicismedia, and the talented cast and crew. Special thanks to @justpolk@_weareinvisible. Looking forward to the next one! Keep fighting, keep filming. EPs: […]

Work Curated by JJ Augustavo for FTW’s Asian Filmmakers on the Rise

Woke up to this nice surprise. I’m a fan of so many filmmakers on this list – proud to be among them. Thanks, JJ!

The Beginning and the End of Everything

A look behind the scenes at The Beginning and the End of Everything, originally scheduled to premiere at SXSW 2020 as part of the feature film, Aviva.

Holy Wars: Back to Life

Holy Wars Music Video for the band, Holy Wars Select Press * LADYGUNN: “Enthralling…a David Lynch-inspired fete peppered with turmoil and the surreal fragility of nature and the other world.” Director: Erin Li Cinematographer: Kevin Schlanser Editor: Kat Leon/Erin Li Online Editor: Susumu Kimura Colorist: Harris Charalambous, Foxxy Looks Producer: Olivia Hamra 1st AC: Wes Marsala VFX Artist: Ronnie Cleland Set Design: Chris Poyourow Creepers of Death: Lennon Hobson, Mary Bendtahl, Victoria Calix, and Amy Garbett

L’Oeuf Poche Commercial Campaign

I had so much fun directing the L’Oeuf Poché fashion campaign!

Ladygunn Premieres Holy Wars MV

“enthralling…a David Lynch-inspired fete peppered with turmoil and the surreal fragility of nature and the other world.” – LADYGUNN

Live Playfully

Live Playfully: L’Oeuf Poché Summer 2017 Campaign

Chloe Howard: I Am Not Invisible

Omaze’s first ever documentary, featuring Chloe Howard’s story and the transformative experience she had with one of her heroes. Made in partnership with (RED).

Kepler X – 47

A woman is forced to adjust to a new life in a human zoo exhibit on an alien planet.

Catching the Invisible Light

What if our windows could generate electricity? Dr. Yang and Dr. Weiss of California NanoSystems Institute give us a glimpse of the future with a new technology they are developing – transparent solar cells.

To The Bone

A pre-teen migrant farmworker attempts to rebel against the status quo with unintended consequences for herself and her family.

L.A. Coffin School

A woman is kicked out of her son’s home, prompting her to enroll in a coffin academy that claims to teach people how to start life anew.