Film Threat: To the Bone Review






“Erin Li’s short film To The Bone is a tale of innocent rebellion, albeit one with severe consequences. Valencia’s disobedience does not come from a place of malice towards her father, but rather the actions of a child that has seen a life of nothing but work, and thinks that she may’ve found a way out of that life. Unfortunately, reality is not as pleasant as Valencia may imagine.

The film could’ve gone bleak and sad and ended there, but it also makes a statement about family and sticking together no matter what. Though Val’s father may be upset that his daughter disobeyed him to such a degree, he sees it for what it is too, and doesn’t feel anger as much as sadness that he can’t provide a better option for his children than to work alongside him on a farm. In that way, for all the external negative consequences that arise, the family becomes stronger as a result. It’s a heartwarming resolution amid sad conditions.”

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