American Cinematheque: Outta This World


Outta This World: Sci Fi and Other World Shorts

Don’t beam us up, Scotty! Rocket into strange new worlds with this collection of contemporary neo-science fiction short films, where our future appears to be taking place in a galaxy not so far, far away.

Erin Li’s “Kepler X-47” (13 min., USA). A woman volunteers to live in a human zoo on an alien planet, but soon realizes that life is not what she expected. Trailer | Website | Facebook

Zeek Earl’s “Prospect” (14 min., USA). A daughter and father gather a rare commodity on a lush, distant planet, always mindful of thieves that can strike at any moment. Trailer | Website

L.A. Premiere! Maciek Szczerbowski & Chris Lavis’ “Cochemare” (13 min., Canada). A surreal and hypnotic blend of animation, live-action and 3-D effects depicting another world of erotic and exotic creatures. Trailer | Website

Drew Mylrea’s “Lisa” (20 min., USA). In this timely short, a humanoid robot is obsessively modified to become the perfect woman.

Diffan Sina Norman’s “Kekasih” (9 min., Malaysia). A botany professor pursues his late wife in this startlingly strange sci-fi romance. Trailer | Website

Luke Patton’s “Theme Song Rebel” (20 min., USA). In a future dystopian world where everyone is assigned a theme song that reflects the societal role they are expected to play, one woman attempts to change her song.

Bernardo Britto’s “Yearbook” (6 min., USA). In this Sundance Short Film Jury Award winner, a man is tasked with creating the definitive record of human history.

Discussion following with Drew Mylrea (“Lisa”), Erin Li (“Kepler X-47”) and Luke C. Patton (“Theme Song Rebel”).

100 min. | Programmed by Andrew P. Crane & Thomas Ethan Harris.