Dual Pixels on Kepler X-47: A Short Film with a Lasting Impression


Dual Pixels color logoAs an independent filmmaker, you are often your own marketing machine and PR rep. In the days leading up to Comic-Con, I wrote to numerous journalists and bloggers. The Kepler X-47 trailer grabbed the attention of Joey Lampe, a blogger at Dual Pixels, and he ended up bringing a couple of friends to the screening. Lampe wrote an insightful article about the film and how he related to the story and world.

“The film is intensely perfect at relating its world to ours in real life. The vast majority of us sit at a desk and lazily hammer on a keyboard at the intense eye of our bosses, and we are released only when the clock strikes a certain hour. Our dreams, hopes and freedom are shackled because we’ve taken the easy way out. And, that’s essentially what Kepler X-47 shows us. When we are given the chance we will grasp at the closest straw for that singular gulp of air, even if it means our existence therein becomes futile.

Pairing a rich melodically-eerie tone with Victorian costumes furthers the enchantment and its oddity. The cast is small, but the tension is easily felt throughout every scene. I could delve into this for pages, but there’s nothing like actually seeing it for yourself. ”

Full article here.