Chloe Howard: I Am Not Invisible



Last year the winners from Omaze’s campaign with (RED), Chloe and Dane, met Bono backstage. This incredible experience turned out to have more meaning than we could have ever imagined. Check out Omaze’s first ever documentary, featuring Chloe’s story and the transformative experience she had with one of her heroes.

Director: Erin Li
Producers: Aaron Godfred, Brent Pritchett
Producer: Erin Li
Executive Producers: Matt Pohlson, Ryan Cummins
Cinematographer: Lucas Lee Graham
Editor: Susumu Kimura
Additional Editing: Cody Holland
Production Coordinator: Eric Jaffe
Post Production Coordinator: Robbie Stern
Colorist: Brennan Barsell
Sound Mixer: Alison Ho

Special thanks to the Howard family, (RED), and Bono.