Lets.Give, a non-profit organization run by the youth, holds an annual clothing drive for migrant farm workers in Bakersfield, CA.

A dance film that I wrote and directed as part of the feature film, AVIVA, will premiere at SXSW.

For most of September, I was the shadowing director on the CW’s ARROW. What an epic experience!

Excited to join We Are Invisible, a creative content collective made of diverse individuals that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I had so much fun directing the L’Oeuf Poché fashion campaign!

“enthralling…a David Lynch-inspired fete peppered with turmoil and the surreal fragility of nature and the other world.” – LADYGUNN

Thrilled to be a featured director on Free the Bid, which promotes women directors in advertising.

The Chinese World Journal is the largest Chinese language newspaper in the US, and I grew up watching my parents read it every day.

I’m honored and thrilled to be one of 25 directors selected for the inaugural FOX Filmmakers Lab.

“The jury is unanimous. We award the Mary Shelley prize to Erin Li for her original vision, rigorous world-building, and creative storytelling in her impressive short film, Kepler X-47. We look forward to seeing Erin grow as a bold new voice in the SciFi genre.”