L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL Q&A with Angela Ai / 艾永怡


I’m thankful that each and every one of the cast members of L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL came on board for the film. Here are some Q&As with the cast that I conducted earlier this year. Some of you might be wondering where these deep, dark questions are coming from. I selected questions from variations of what is known as the “Proust Questionnaire.” They provide insight into one’s personality and were named after the responses provided by 19th century French author, Marcel Proust. Many of these questions are applicable to topics that students might face at a coffin academy.

The first interview in the series will be with Angela Ai, a multi-talented actor and singer/songwriter. Angela has a powerful stage and on-screen presence. The moment I saw her audition, I knew she would do a fantastic job portraying the “coffin academy instructor” for the film. She also speaks perfectly the particular Mandarin accent that we were looking for.

Angela is a recent transplant from New York, where she performed as “Christmas Eve” in AVENUE Q on Broadway, Las Vegas and the first National Tour. Her first job out of college was in the corporate world, much like myself. It is reassuring to meet people along the way who have gone through a similar, drastic career change to pursue their passion. The longer I stay in Los Angeles, the more common this seems to be.

Audiences will see another side of Angela in a short film, THE BIG OH, which I recently directed. She plays a sassy woman who tries to improve a friend’s sex life.



Role in L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL: Coffin School Instructor

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
*A moment of true gratitude for everything.

What is your greatest fear?
*There’s not enough time.

Which living person do you most admire?
*Mothers. Including mine.

When and where were/are you most happiest?
*Now. In Los Angeles. I love it here.

If you died and came back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
*A tree. Or a sunflower.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
*Wanting what others have instead of living my own authentic life and fulfilling my highest potential.

How would you like to die?
*When I’m over 80 years old and still vibrant and healthy, after a night of having a really good meal and playing games filled with laughter with our family and friends, my husband and I go to sleep and move on together…

Who are your heroes in real life?
*People who are clearly living their life on purpose.


L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL airs on MNET’s Short Notice TV show this Thu. Nov. 17 at 9pm and midnight PST and then again at the following times:
– Fri. Nov. 18 at 11am and 2pm PST
– Thu. Nov. 24 at 8pm and 11pm PST
– Fri. Nov. 25 at 10am and 1pm PST

Please check your local listings and set your DVRs! L.A. COFFIN SCHOOL is about a once-renowned Chinese painter who is kicked out of her son’s home, prompting her to enroll in a controversial school that claims to teach people how to start life anew. The instructor and class exercises force her to re-evaluate life and what it is worth.

More about Angela:
ANGELA AI is an actress and singer/songwriter. She recently moved to L.A. from New York City where she performed on Broadway in the Tony award-winning musical, AVENUE Q. Other theater credits: Red Bull Theater’s PERICLES, Themantic Group’s SNAKE IN THE FRIDGE, Taiwan tour of 2G’s MAKING TRACKS, The Director’s Company’s HEADING EAST. She has also acted in the TV series, SEX AND THE CITY. As a singer/songwriter, she has collaborated with Grammy-award winning producers Jeff Bova (Celine Dion, Michael Jackson) and Michael Colina (David Sanborn, Bob James), and Jeff Franzel (Josh Groban, N’Sync, Shawn Colvin). The Performing Songwriter magazine selected her CD, History, as a Top 12 Pick and she was chosen as a Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Abe Olman Scholarship recipient for “Excellence in Songwriting.” She has performed all over the world in some of the most renowned musical proving grounds, including Carnegie Hall.

Angela recently acted in the short film, TAKING A SEAT, which was an official selection at the Hollywood Film Festival. While not working on her music, she is developing and writing a one-woman musical. Check out some of her songs here.